What is i-list.it ?

i-list.it is an amazing and free service. With i-list.it, you will create your own 'todo' list, update it, change its order and priorities. This service is free and intuitive: input your tasks, list it, organize it, and delete it once accomplished. With i-list.it, you will never forget a thing anymore!

How do you use i-list.it?

Anthony, 26, sales
I use the free version of i-list.it on a daily basis. In the morning on my laptop and later in the bus with my iPhone I write all the things I wish to accomplish during the day, organized by category and priority. It is a real pleasure and a strong feeling of efficiency when I see the list empty when leaving the office.
Mary, 47, housewife
I am using i-list.it on my iPad. Each day, I write the things I don't want to forget. For example, on my board, parties with friends appear in blue, appointments with the dentist or the doctor appear in green and recipes I must try are in red. With i-list.it, I am the one in control.
Andrew, 74, retired
I use i-list.it with my wife and grand-children. My grand-son uses it to send me the date and time of his performances to make sure I never miss it. My wife uses it to remind me what to buy in the supermarket. With i-list.it I feel supported and I am not afraid of forgetting something.
Barney, 38, Manager
I use the Premium version of i-list.it with my team. I am managing 5 designers and we work on numerous projects: it can sometimes be difficult to follow up on all of them. With i-list.it, I have a board for each category of project. I assign tasks to my team members and let them organize it the way they want. Tasks are ordered by status (finished, pending, waiting for approval, etc.) and priority. With i-list.it, I have a clear overview of what my people are doing: my management tasks are eased and the communication between me and my team members has improved.


Now 30 tasks for the standard version!
Now, standard users can add 30 tasks on their list instead of 10!
Beta version
i-list.it opens now its beta version! The platform will offer a few Premium accounts to the best users! Use it and send us your feedback to win a Premium account!
New option: shortcuts
New on i-list.it: create shortcuts and use them to save time when inserting new tasks! Go to the board's options page and create your own favorite shortcuts.
New feature: sub-users accounts
Now, you can easily give access to your boards to other people. Create a board for your important projects and share it with your team members. Each member can have a different access level for better performances.